Cara Boardwine

Cara Boardwine


Cara is a life coach for women who are chronic squirrel chasers and prone to falling into rabbit holes. As a multi-focused creator herself, she has a varied and interesting background including: homeschooling two daughters, while selling books on Amazon, rehabbing raccoons, raising ornamental pheasants, running a local youth group and writing novels that she wouldn’t let anyone read. Yes – that was all at the same time.

She understands how chaotic our life can be, and that sometimes it isn’t going to change! Unfortunately the real you can get lost in the hustle and bustle. Cara has been there and knows how to help you find your way through it. Bottom line, she helps you figure out who you really are, where you really want to be, and how to get there.



Thursday, March 18th

4:00 PM EST – 5:30 PM EST


Making The Transition from the Office To The Home Office

(with Linda Donalds and Geraldine Cook)