Eileen Roth

Eileen Roth


As the author of Organizing For Dummies(R), Eileen Roth demonstrates how to be more productive, reduce your stress, and save time and money. Eileen named her company Everything in its Place because she truly believes that you can find a place for everything.

Eileen is a national speaker, trainer and productivity expert in the areas of Office Organization, Time Management and Home Organization. She helps people learn how to put everything in its place. This reduces stress and people find things WHEN they need them. In fact Eileen’s organizing principles are simple to remember, easy to implement and maintenance is minutes a day to stay that way.




Wednesday, March 17th

4:00 PM EST – 5:30 PM EST

Round Table

The Fundamentals of A Successful Homepreneur Adventure – Setting Up Your Home Office, Legally & Physically

(with Cathy Gilstrap and Attorney Bob Silber)