Jan Small

Jan Small


Jan Small lives in Edinburgh, Scotland with hubby, son and new puppy Alfie. She’s been a homepreneur for over ten years, writing, creating websites and products, and generally being glad that her commute was no more than a set of stairs above the kitchen to her home office. Even more so in the past year. One of her more successful ventures has been in self-publishing.

She has published 185 titles on Amazon using 11 pen names and has earned over a thousand dollars from each of her books on average, though in varying amounts. Her most successful book (a best seller earning over sixteen thousand dollars) was Ten Years Younger in a Weekend which is now a course on Teachable and her least successful less than twelve. She says she won’t be writing any more Kitten ABC books any time soon.




Friday, March 19th

4:00 PM EST – 5:30 PM EST

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